Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Wore : An Evening At A Ball

Today I want to share what I wore to a recent Army Aviation Ball. My husband and I were really excited about attending the ball and we jumped at a chance to put on our best and spend the night with our friends. When I was deciding what to wear for the ball I knew that I wanted to go for a look that was vintage, chic, and most of all me. I'm not a fan of overly tight, short, bedazzled, cleavage bearing, tafetta numbers and sometimes when it comes to formal wear I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, but NEVER FEAR, Modcloth is here!

For the ball I wanted to go for a vintage look and got the Rosé Bubbly Dress from Modcloth, which I paired with my favorite silver BC heels. I opted for no accessories other than my wedding and engagement rings and a simple leather Hobo clutch in ivory.
I debated between doing a dramatic make-up look, which I did the previous year with red lips and dark eyes, but I decided that this sweet cocktail dress garnered a fresh face to complete it.  I went with my go to Lancome cosmetics to create a simple, but chic face. A pink and gold eye, pretty pink lip and blushing cheeks were perfect for the evening.
For my hair I went with an AWESOME princess roll up-do that I learned how to do the previous day using a Birchbox tutorial! Everyone complimented me the entire night on my hair that looked salon quality, and only took me about 15 minutes, a handful of bobby pins, an elastic hairband and a few sprays of hairspray. Thanks, Birchbox! Here is my up-do and you can find the tutorial, here. I will do a future post on how I altered the hairdo to hide the hairband.

I think my husband and I cleaned up pretty well and I know that we definitely felt our best and had an amazing evening! Don't you just love the vintage inspired details of this dress? I fee like this dress helped me strike a perfect balance between formal and fun. What do you like to wear on a special night out? Do you have a go to style that makes you feel elegant and put together?

Dress: Modcloth: Rosé Bubbly Dress, $157, here.
Clutch: Hobo Clutch Wallet in Ivory, similar, here. I snapped mine up at a TJ MAXX for 30 bucks so keep your eyes open!
Shoes: BC Winner's Circle Pumps in silver, $45.50, here.
Hairstyle: Princess Roll Up-do tutorial by Birchbox, here.


  1. you look so cute! i love your hair and that dress. military balls are so fun!