Friday, May 3, 2013

BEDM Challenge: Day 3 Let's Get Uncomfortable

Today is day 3 in the blog every day in May challenge! 

We are going strong and today's topic is "things that make you uncomfortable." When I read today's prompt a bunch of things ran through my head, clowns, getting a pedicure, sitting alone at a restaurant, but then I decided to narrow it down.

Hands down being the first in line or being forced to sit at the VERY front of the room is one of my top uncomfortable things. Before I got married my last name was Aranda, and while I LOVED my name and was so very proud of it there was the unfortunate side-effect of ALWAYS BEING FIRST when it came to school. I was terribly shy when I was younger and so being made to always be at the front of the room, be first in line, the first kid to try and demonstrate something or answer a question was nerve racking. Without fail I would start to sweat profusely and my hands would shake when I realized that I had to be the first one to hit the stage or try the dang high jump during gym. THE HIGH JUMP, PEOPLE! Whenever it was the first day of school I used to fantasize about escaping my fate and having a name that was in the middle, end, or even just a quarter of the way into the alphabet.

Also, these hand soap sticks in Korea make me pretty uncomfortable...I mean, LOOK AT IT. There really isn't a ladylike or PG-13 way to use this bad boy. 

Am I just being a big baby about the soap-on-a-stick, or are you with me on this one? Have a wonderful day and now that you know what makes me sweat take a minute and share what makes you cringe!

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