Friday, May 3, 2013

We went to a ball!

Rich and I posing in front of the Blackhawk ice sculpture for the 2-2 Aviation Brigade.
 Today I am going to talk about the amazing ball that Rich and I went to. Yes, you heard me, a ball! Every year there is a ball held for each of the various specializations within the Army and last night was the Aviator's turn! Rich and I put on our best and headed to the Grand Hyatt in Seoul for a fun filled night with friends.

Rich and I enjoyed a delicious meal with great company and there was no shortage of hijinks during the meal and long into the night. We even danced a bit even though Rich's back was killing him and my knee was still a mess. We joked around that it was the dance of the 1,000 gimps when we took the floor and even though we had a blast we are paying for it today! Oh, the joys of getting older. ;)
Rich's steak and my vegetarian option! It was the only thing without cheese and was an explosion of mushrooms, yummy!
Some of the evening's entertainment.
Keeping it extra classy with my refined Korean picture taking skills.
A group photo of Rich and his fellow pilots and crew chiefs. Rich with his favorite crew chief and her fix-it-all tool!
A sweet photo in front of the water fountains a friend took of us before the dancing was underway.

It was a genuine night filled with great memories and it was sincere time of remembrance for all of the fallen of the Korean War with over 200,000 Koreans and 40,000 U.S. casualties. I know that the ball was special memory for Rich and I before leaving Korea, and I am so happy to have been able to spend time with such great people.

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