Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BEDM Challenge: Day 8 Don't Hold Back

I am done with week 1 of the BEDM challenge and I am loving it! Here's to day 8! I love that I have committed to blogging every single day because I can already feel the habit taking root and I look forward to the time I set aside to consistently blog everyday. Today's prompt is:

"A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all."

This inspiration is available from Overcome The Lie, find it and other great graphics, here.
My little bit of advice to cast into the interwebz is simply this: Don't hold yourself back.  

Too often people hold themselves back because their fear of failing is so strong, and the sad thing is that most likely they would have succeeded had they only tried. Even if you DO fail the amazing thing is that you gain wisdom through your failure and now you are better equipped to succeed. 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. I found this on Tumblr, find it, here.
I know that for a very long I held myself back and I was always to envious the amazing lives that I saw everyone living out around me. I felt like I was stuck in a silent film that was only in back-and-white while everyone was in high-def and surround sound. But, something amazing happened. I started to take chances and doing things that I WANTED to do even though I wasn't sure if I could accomplish them. Guess what? I succeeded far more than I failed and that was when I started to see the life I wanted forming around me.

What is it that you want? Is there something that you have been dreaming of doing, but have been putting off because you aren't sure that you can do it?
  You say, maybe, tomorrow, but never seem to follow through. What is stopping you from taking the steps to reach your goal? Does it seem too daunting or maybe the goal seems unattainable, and so have you allowed fear to win? I know it can be easier to say SOMEday, rather than THIS day, but be bold and take the first step. I have watched people with incredible potential and talent be their own worst enemies by allowing fear to paralyze them in life. Don't go through life unfulfilled and don't allow fear to be your legacy. Because what you want in life matters and should be the most important thing in your universe.

You are daring. You are bold. You are fearless. You are worth it.

Now go get what you want the most because you are capable.


  1. Just stopping by from the challenge, thank you so much for sharing your advice, it is really great!

    1. Thank you commenting and swinging by! I am enjoying the challenge so much and I love it when other bloggers stop over. :)