Thursday, October 25, 2012

Super Sneak Peek Preview!

We were busy bees today and did a small photo shoot! Who says that fall has to be dreary? We are playing up a bold floral pattern with a variety of textures and details in our new inventory.

Here is a little sampling of what you can expect to see in the shop in a couple of days!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Stylish Surprise!

If you love adorable clothing and unbeatable prices then you need to head over to ModCloth posthaste. Right now the amazing clothing site that I webstalk religiously has started up the Stylish Surprise promotion!

Image Property of

How it works:

You pay 15 USD + shipping, pick your size, and ModCloth sends you a wonderful little surprise which could range anywhere from $30.00 to a whopping $250.00! I am being overly optimistic, rolling a hard six and hoping for an extravagant $250.00 surprise.

I just put in my very own order for the Stylish Surprise and I am beyond excited for what could be in the mystery box!

After I placed my order I bored my husband to tears by talking about all the amazing things that could be in the box.

This is pretty much how I was while he was trying to watch a movie...

“A boat’s a boat, but the mystery box could be ANYTHING. It could even be a boat!”


If you haven't already then get on over to ModCloth and sign up for your very own 15 dollar surprise(plus shipping), because it could be ANYthing! Even a boat.

Monday, October 22, 2012

May 29th, 2011: The Best Day Ever/part 1

My last post got me thinking about the best day of my life.

May 29th, 2011. My Wedding Day.

Yup. May 29th is a very special day and when I was going fangirl over Taylor Swift's new album RED (WHICH IS AMAZING!) I  said it would be the best day ever, well next to my wedding day. That little line I wrote hastily down got me thinking about the day in question because it really was the best day of my life.

Rewind 1 year ago and I was standing in Las Vegas, NV with a fluttering heart and a killer dress. Yes, we got married in LAS VEGAS!

Isn't that awesome? Rich and I had both never been to Vegas and so we decided to make our first visit count ;)

While a Las Vegas wedding often conjures up images of Elvis, white tuxedos, and drive-thru wedding chapels, our wedding was anything but.

Richard and I were married at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas which is an amazingly beautiful venue for any event. The Springs Preserve is a serene little oasis and is only a stone's throw from the bustling main strip of Vegas. The Preserve focuses on educating the public on water conservation, habitat preservation, green living and sustainability, and design. To say the least the Springs Preserve is an absolutely breathtaking and unique place to visit, and its staff is absolutely world class. I fell in love with the Preserve completely online. NERVE RACKING! I was a little nervous about booking the venue for the ceremony and reception based solely on photos and reviews, but I was not let down in the slightest. I was blown away by the beauty and quirkiness of the venue, and also by the kindness of every staff member we encountered on our journey to getting hitched.

We had a lovely morning wedding with a sit-down brunch with a few close friends. I did all of my own flowers and decorations with the help of friends. I made sure to keep the decorations and color scheme simple and fun; a word to future brides set on DIY, KEEP IT SIMPLE! I had crazy visions of some intricate things, but then as the date approached I realized that I would need to reign in my imagination. I am incredibly happy with every choice I made and I couldn't have been happier with how the day turned out.

I chose to do only 2 flowers for everything, Crespedia or Billy Balls as accent pieces and bunches of Baby's Breath served as centerpieces. I also made my own no sew pennant flag decorations (the same ones that you can see in my shop photos) and I collected vintage handkerchiefs for table decorations. I really wanted to have little unique touches to our wedding that would show our personality, and so I looked for affordable options to help us bring fun to the day.

For our guest book I found a great affordable option in favor of a stinky old book which would eventually get shoved in a drawer somewhere. I went to Etsy and found LoveFromTheThumb! A personalized tree that our friends and family put their fingerprints on in place of leaves was a big hit at the wedding and love seeing it everyday in our home. LoveFromTheThumb is an amazing shop and they were so wonderful in getting us a quality product that is a part of our everyday life.

We opted for mini-cupcakes and were able to get several delicious flavors on the fly after we had arrived in Vegas. The mini-cupcakes were fun, and affordable and we couldn't have been happier.

For my bouquet I wanted something that would last and wouldn't shrivel up and die so I started thinking what I could make that would be meaningful and could stand up to time. What did I come up with? A floral brooch and pin bouquet. It's AMAZING! I had so much fun making the bouquet and I started collecting brooches and pins about 6 months before the wedding. I used floral wire, the brooches, craft glue, ribbon and a bit of love to make my beautiful keepsake. I am definitely going to do a DIY post on how to make the bouquet for your own special day.

And that is the end of part 1! I will do a follow up post with a few more details on our day like my dress, the best wedding gift, the total cost for the day (your jaw will drop at the savings!) and the grand finale. ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things I love: Taylor Swift

I am an unabashed Taylor Swift fan. Yea, I said it. I love me some Tay-Tay.

I call her Tay-Tay because we are close like that.

Seriously, though. Taylor Swift's music has pulled me through some fairly dire break-ups, and I don't understand how anyone can have a dislike of Taylor Swift after taking the time to listen to her lyrics. That being said I know that everyone is entitled to their own music snobbery, ect.


Have you ever been in love? Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever felt small and homesick? Felt invincible? Ever been a girl?

If you said yes to any of these then Taylor Swift has a song for you!

I used to be a non-believer, but then I got my heart smashed up real bad; it was not pretty. Does anyone remember Kate Winslet's gas sniffing attempt at soothing her broken heart in The Holiday?


Anyhow, I found Taylor, and her music spoke to me. A beautiful girl with poor taste in men, yup, that was me! It was kind of comforting that she was still plagued with the same man problems that I was dealing with in my single and in-between complicated days.

Because like Taylor Swift says, "No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity."Words to live by.

I am beyond excited for her new album and yes, I have been buying every single she has released with the glee of an overjoyed fan girl. I often am the source of amusement in Seoul's metro system because of my impromptu sing-alongs with all of her newly released material. No one minds, Seoul perfected the art of karaoke!

Next to the day I got married...and graduated....and got my dog, but AFTER THAT! BEST.DAY.EVER.

I love you, Taylor!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adventures: Chuseok 추석

Google's Chuseok Tribute

Chuseok (추석)is a Korean holiday which is very similar to what most of us in the West know as Thanksgiving, but Chuseok is Thanksgiving with an ancestral rite component.

On Chuseok, Korean families visit all of their immediate and extended family, and it can be a very extensive and exhaustive Holiday when traveling time is factored in. For many Koreans, returning to their hometowns is a must and the roads out of the major cities are havoc. Chuseok is a little like musical chairs, but with meals, and each Aunt, Mother, and Grandmother's home can be like a revolving door for family members.

Families reunite and visit the graves of their ancestors to offer up food, and drink, and to clean away any overgrown plants and trash around the graves. Usually there is a lot of eating and fellowship, games, and general merriment over the holiday and the time spent with family. I asked several Koreans I know what meant the most to them about Chuseok, and they each said the same: spending time with family which they don't normally get to see because of location.

There are foods such as Hangwha (Korean version of rice crispies, which is made with puffed rice and honey) and Songpyeon (a rice cake that can have a variety of fillings, I had the good fortune to enjoy sesame filled cakes) which are very specific to the holiday and are really only consumed in force during Chuseok. Think fruit cake and Christmas.

I was graciously invited by Heo (my Taekwondo master) to attend his family's Chuseok celebration and it was a beautiful experience that I will never forget. I was a bit nervous about the state of the roads for Chuseok, but all was well since we were only taking a short bus trip out of the city to Yong-in. We blended in quite easily with the groups of tourists heading to Everland for the day, and even caused a bit of confusion when we hopped out of the bus a stop before Everland to meet my master's brother. We had a pack of foreigners chasing us down thinking we were leading the way to Everland only to realize that we were getting into a waiting car....I won't lie it was pretty funny seeing about 10 waygooks standing there in the middle of an empty parking lot staring after us. I did feel bad for them....after I giggled. >.>

On the way to Yongin and the temple
When we arrived in Yongin, Heo took us to Beomnyunsa Temple a very famous Buddhist temple and according to Heo it was the only thing in Yongin worth seeing besides Everland.  The temple was absolutely beautiful and it was a picture perfect event at the temple in the foothills of Mt. Munsusan. Here is an assortment of photos from our beautiful foray into the temple and the surrounding grottos and gardens.

The natural and delicious spring water at the temple that Sung-wen and I were crazy for.

We were all unsure of what to expect because Heo's family speaks very little English and his parents knew basically no English whatsoever. We did bring some insurance in the form of my Kyopo (Korean born abroad) friend, Sung-wen. Sung-wen served as an excellent go-between for us and Heo's family, especially since my Hangul skills are still in their toddler stages and I was only able to communicate on a very basic level with Heo's family.

The ice between myself, my husband Rich, Sung-wen, and my friend Kat, was broken very quickly when Heo left to get his brother and we were left to our own devices with Heo's family. His mother and father were so warm and kind and insisted that we refer to them as Oh-ma(엄마) and Ah-pa (아빠). By the time that Heo returned we were laughing and making what conversation we could while Ah-pa manned the grill. It was cute to watch Heo's parents together as they tutted about how big the pieces of meat were and if the vegetables had been cut to specification. 엄마 was lovely and she refused to sit until everyone else was stuffed and even then she kept offering us drinks and sweets to eat. She reminded me very much of my own mother and grandmother at holiday meals, and I was homesick for my own bustling Mexican family. My camera and phone magically died at the exact same moment and so I am left without any photos of the magnificent Chuseok dinner or all of the fun that passed afterwards. I will say that my first Chuseok was amazing, it will definitely be a story that I will share with my family, and one I will remember for years to come.


 I cannot wait until next year's Chuseok when I might actually get to help make Songpyeon or participate in Bulcho (helping clear out the debris and weeds from the graves).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Modern Vintage: Lace and Peplum

When I decided to open my vintage shop, Seoul Sold, I decided to take my love of vintage beyond my closet and to the next level. I love vintage fashion: the structure, colors, material, the sheer drama, and attention to detail that vintage clothes bring with them makes wearing them a joy. Though there is no replacement for the thrill of finding a beautiful and pristine vintage item, sometimes you find yourself restrained by geography and in a virtual vintage wasteland.

Never fear! 

With some time and internet-savvy you can find modern pieces with vintage detail and flair to meet your vintage needs. Even better is that vintage-inspired modern clothing is often more affordable than an original item and offers greater flexibility with sizing. Vintage items tend to run on the small side and it can be frustrating for a voluptuous vintage vixen to find a flattering item.

Here are two lovely vintage inspired outfits that are currently residing in my closet, and they both cost me less than 50 USD. Granted, I did take an awful lot of time watching sales, and frequenting my favorite online sites to keep an inventory of what looks were available.

Look #1

PEPLUM PERFECTION! or From the Editor Dress- Modcloth

I was able to score this awesome peplum dress, which came with a lovely little accent belt for $24.99! Isn't that great?! Modcloth does periodic sales of up to 75% off on their clearance items and I snatched up this dress which had been closer to $100 by making sure to be online when the sale first went live. Oh internet, how I love thee.

When going for that classic glamor-factor a peplum detailed dress is a must have item for your closet. Peplum detailing is a beautiful and enduring fashion concept which first made itself known way back when in the 19th century on pretty as a picture Victorian ladies, and it is a trend which is still going strong well in to the 21st century. If you have never worn peplum DO NOT BE AFRAID! Peplum is lovely, and when fitted correctly it is a very flattering look on women of all shapes and sizes. Try a few looks and materials and be patient. You will never look back after finding the perfect peplum piece.

I fell in love with this dress because of the color and structure, and I was not disappointed on either front when I slipped this number on. Because I was looking for something that would hug my curves and help create the illusion of an hourglass figure I was immediately drawn to the peplum detail of the dress and the fabric content of cotton, nylon, and Elastrane or spandex. I knew that the combo of the three fabrics (especially the elastrane) would be form hugging and would help the peplum pop. Make sure to pay attention to subtle details such as fabric blends when considering a modern mass produced item, because it can be a clue as to how the item will fit your body versus the model.

Bold and streamlined looks like this are wonderful because they do not require much in the accessories department. Pair with a simple clutch, belt and head out the door!

Look #2

LACE LOVE!- Urban Outfitters

I love lace. I do. Lace is so much fun, and I would be lost without this dainty, delicate, dreamy fabric that just screams sunshine, cupcakes and puppy dogs to me. No matter what shape or size of your body, I know in my heart that a dress of lace will accentuate and make you a walking Venus.

Yup. Venus.

My lace find was also done by trolling the web for periodic sales and making sure to have my laptop and credit card handy when UO did a semi-annual sale. I got my lace dream for around $20, because some people don't share my love of lace and this beauty was on the clearance of the clearance. Mad women, all of them, but their loss is my gain! One thing to consider when doing online shopping to make sure you are able to envision what the item will look like on yourself. Remember, items that look blah on the hanger can be gems when tried on. The same rule applies to online shopping, and if you find an item with detailing and features you admire then why not give it a try? I absolutely fell in love with the back and lace pattern of this dress, and I am so happy that I kept an eye on it.

Yes, it is not real lace. This little frock is a polyester, rayon, and nylon blend. I know some people swear by organic fibers and the like, but I like my manufactured blends because of all the benefits and easy wear they bring to the table. Right away, I knew that the dress would be light-weight and breathable because of the addition of rayon, and that it would be fairly wrinkle-free due to the polyester. Bingo-bango. I love this dress because it has not lost its beautiful and chic look, doesn't make me sweat, and no matter how much I sit it never wrinkles! The synthetic nature of the dress also gives a measure of affordability and durability. Real lace, REAL, honest-to-goodness lace would be more expensive and delicate to wear. I would never dream of wearing a true lace number on the casual occasions where I may or may not have eaten a foot long chili cheese coney by myself. Just saying.

 Really neutral numbers like this faux lace dress allow for a bit of drama to be added with a bold scarf or other statement piece. I love the white and black look for the upcoming holidays, and opted to add a long sheer scarf.
Remember, find something with details that you really love and go from there. Whatever attracts you to the item can be made into a centerpiece and serve to accentuate your natural beauty and make you feel beautiful.

 As always be yourself, and make sure that the outfit does not wear you. You are what makes the dress lovely, and without you it is just another piece of cloth.

From the Editor Dress, here.
Similar dress here at Light in the Box for 25.00
Pins and Needles Lace Dress, here.
Similar dress here at Forever 21 for 22.80

Friday, October 12, 2012

Preview: Shop Update!




Can you tell that I am beyond thrilled? ;)

Now that the test is out of the way I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me and my grad application journey seems tangible and real. Exciting!

To celebrate here is a lovely shop update preview!

With all the cool weather I have shifted my vintage finding focus to cozy and pretty vintage sweaters, and I am so happy to share them with everyone! Keep your eyes open because these angora blend lovelies will be in the shop VERY soon. :)

I am so excited for fall, who else is with me? I have been spending my last couple of free mornings with a homemade soy pumpkin latte in hand and it has been just right for the weather here in South Korea. What are your favorite fall drinks? I will be sharing my recipe on the site very soon and I would love to know what everyone else is drinking to fight off the morning chill.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Too Much GRE

My GRE test is on Thursday. THURSDAY. Which means that a week from today I will be a much calmer and reasonable person. :)

I have been studying and taking practice exams like they are going out of fashion, and I feel like I am going cross-eyed.

Can someone take too many tests? I think so.

I am really excited though, because once my GRE is over then I can breathe a sigh of relief, and I am not even concerned with my score.


I won't give into the numbers game because I know that I am more than a test score and that my undergraduate work makes me a stellar prospective student for graduate school. However, just because I know that I am more than scaled score card doesn't mean that I haven't been a total pain in my husband's behind with my prepping and talk of possible vocabulary sets and writing time limits. Yup.

I will also be uploading some super awesome posts on how to correctly measure yourself, my recent adventures in Korean holidays, finding your angles when being photographed and how to conduct a one person photo shoot!

Doesn't that sound super fun and the opposite of the GRE?! Until Thursday! :)

Here is a little preview with a couple of shots from my first 추석 Chusok

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY: Sewing Kit

There are a few things that every DIY, vintage-savvy girl needs in her possession, and a sewing kit is one. I cannot live without my sewing kit, and having a personalized option is a must have item since opening my very own Etsy vintage clothing shop. My sewing kit is a life-saver and is useful for mending all sorts of vintage boo-boos, especially since I insist on doing all my repairs by hand.

After realizing how great my own sewing kit was in my own wardrobe repairs I decided to make a little post on how I went about creating my kit.

First things first: A container!

I had to decide what kind of container I wanted to use for my sewing kit, and also if I wanted to have a portable one. After a little consideration I decided on a Snapware, 3-tiered carrier with snap closures and a handle. Each segment is removable and you can actually continue to add on to the carrier so long as you buy matching segments. You can find the container I chose here. I love the versatility of this product and the price! For less than 10 bucks you have a great adjustable handled carrier, who can complain?! In general, I have found that Snapware is fairly awesome for decent looking and high-quality products.

For my portable kit, I decided on going with an inexpensive Sterilite small flip top container, which is amazing for quick trips to the vintage market. You can get the micro flip top container for a couple of bucks in any supply store or craft store, and if you are really mad about it, you can get 12, here. I have found that it is a great tool for assessing possible repairs to potential purchases, and takes up little space in my bag.

Next, I had to pick out my supplies!! I had to limit myself, and that was H-A-R-D! 

Here is a shot of the items I have amassed (I made an effort to photograph these in their pretty packaging just for you:)) in my large Snapware container:

1.     THREAD…T-H-R-E-A-D!
2.     Hand Needles
3.     Scissors
4.     Pin Cushion
5.     Thimble
6.     Tape Measure
7.     Straight Pins
8.     Threader
9.     Seam Ripper
10.  Sew No More! Oh my lucky stars….how I love this product. I like to use the Sew No More for hemming projects because it allows me to see if the length is appropriate without fussing with straight pins. (I have a penchant for losing them and then I have major frustration) When I decide if it’s a good length, I then take the time to sew the hem by hand.

For the portable kit I made sure to streamline it to fit into the smaller container:

1.     Basic thread
2.     A few needles
3.     Small scissors
4.     Tape Measure (I never go anywhere without this thing and I have 4 of them floating around my possessions)
5.     Thimble
6.     Sew No More
7.     Straight Pins 
I absolutely love my sewing kits, and they are valuable additions to my vintage obsession! If you are interested in vintage I encourage you to muster up you best DIY game face and make sure to get your own sewing kit in order. Nothing is more satisfying than mending and giving new life to an abused piece of clothing.

Well, nothing except for getting a new Taekwondo belt…or baking a whole mess of cookies…or maybe taking the GRE…but, it is definitely up there in the top 5!!