Sunday, May 26, 2013

BEDM Challenge: Day 26 Adventure Guide!

I am so excited about today's blog post and it isn't just because I'm almost done with the BEDM challenge, although it is pretty awesome that I have managed to stick to posting once every single day this month! Hurray! Day 26's blog prompt:

"Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like."

I was going through some of my favorite blogs when I came across EXACTLY what I wanted to share with everyone. Since moving to South Korea, I have had the great fortune of going on a pretty awesome adventure that I never imagined would happen when I stepped off the plane. I've also come into contact with so many great blog readers who have expressed a great interest in traveling abroad, but have never had the opportunity. So, when I was reading one my new favorite blogs, The Nectar Collective, and came across Melyssa's DIY Guide to Adventure I knew that I had to share it!

Melyssa is a California lady living in Tokyo, Japan and her blog is full of amazing inspiration, DIY's, and wonderful downloads to get you smiling. Since I have found The Nectar Collective, I am always eager to see what new awesome things Melyssa has put up and I am never disappointed with her content.

The DIY Guide to Adventure is a practical guide that will help get you on track if you are rearing to go on an international adventure. Melyssa's guide helps you calculate not only where and when you want to take your trip, but also how a financial timeline should happen to get you there. I know that I wish I had a guide like this when I left home for England when I was 19 years-old and clueless. Take a look at the guide and let me know what you think and don't forget to send Melyssa some love for her wonderful resource!!

I have had travel on the brain lately because of all of the travel planning that I have been doing for my upcoming trip to the....THE PHILIPPINES! Yep, you heard me! How exciting is that? I know that I can't wait for my trip and a lot the questions that Melyssa put in her guide are the very same questions that my husband and I asked ourselves when considering when and where to take a vacation.

A shot of where we will be staying in beautiful Boracay!! I can't WAIT!
 If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where you would go? How long would you stay? And if you have taken a trip that you dreamed about how did it change your perspective?

Find the DIY Guide to Adventure, here.


  1. Gorgeous resort. Your upcoming trip to the Philippines sounds fun and exciting!

  2. i agree, she has one of the sweetest blogs around! and it's also sweet because it led me to yours! i have loved getting caught up! i also live in korea and work as a teacher. fashion here can be difficult being as tall as i am (5'8, not that tall in the states!) but have fell in love with the vintage scenes especially in busan (largest city near me) so excited to follow along!

  3. I stopped by her blog couple of times and i like it. I will sit and read her guide because I love travelling. Right now we are living our 'adventurous' like in Saskatchewan - Canada :)