Tuesday, May 14, 2013

K-Pop Round-Up

Ok, so since moving to South Korea, I have had the pleasure of getting first-hand exposure to a variety of things: communal bathing, cocktails-in-a-bag, 24-hour EVERYthings (high-end fashion, restaurants, spas, ect.), the rebirth of 7-11, impossibly small bathrooms, double dipping everything, affordable luxury make-up, heated flooring, martial arts, and the list just goes on. Out of everything, I would have to say that hands-down my favorite Korean thing has to be the MUSIC!

"K-Pop" has something for everyone. Are you pining after the days of the boy band? Do you need an upbeat girl group to sing you through your break-up? Want to dance? Are you into drama, and believe in the story-telling of the music video? If you answered yes, then this is a genre you need to take second look at! I know that Psy's Gangnam Style video was a big hit worldwide, but I get annoyed when it seems to be the first and only image of K-Pop that anyone outside of Korea has. In an effort to remedy the lamentable situation I have put together a little K-Pop Round-Up for all of you!

Here are some of my current favorites that are burning through my iPod and there is a pleasant mix of to appeal to nearly everyone. Or at least I think so. ;)

For those of you who grew up jamming to N'SYNC, Backstreet, and 98 degrees. If you miss the days when a group of guys could pop and lock like no one's business then never fear the boy band is alive and well in Korea!

M.I.B. - Nod Along

SHINee - Why So Serious?

C-Clown - Shaking Heart


Are you in the mood for some female power and vocals? Look no further than these pretty ladies! I have had so much fun in Korea getting to just have blast being a girl because sometimes it feels like people judge you for being to "girly" in the states. Does anyone else get what I mean?

Juniel - A Cute Guy

Secret - Yoohoo

Girl's Generation - Twinkle

If you are looking for something a with a little less pop then try out these bands. I love the vocals and the creativity that went into their videos. Cho Yong Pil's video is my favorite out of the whole bunch and is worth a look.
Geeks - Wash Away

Cho Yong Pil - Hello

Well, those are my current favorites and I am so happy to share them with everyone! Do you have a favorite K-Pop group or song? What song/group is it and why do you like it? I hope everyone has a great day because with music like this you are clearly on the right track!


  1. I haven't heard any of these K-Pop songs! I like some songs by 2NE1, Goodbye by MissA, some by SHINee and 2PM and SNSD... (I guess these ones get more youtube lime light?) And for the major part, the sound tracks of K-dramas! I really liked the songs in the drama "49 Days". Have you seen that?

    1. I haven't seen 49 days yet, I am kind of obsessed with Boys Over Flowers/Vampire Prosecutor right now. OH AND Jang Ok Jung. Have you heard of those? I'm glad that I got to share some songs that you hadn't heard yet. I will be periodically be sharing more music on the K-Pop round-ups so hopefully I'll have more new stuff for you! :)

    2. I've seen Boys Over Flowers. It's really addictive, isn't it? The first K-Drama I watched was, I think, You Are Beautiful. I liked that too :) I've watched a few more as well. I haven't watched the others you've mentioned. Yet ;)

    3. It is!! I love it soooo much. Have you watched Kim Sam-Soon? YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! Total K-Drama classic.