Saturday, May 4, 2013

BEDM Challenge: Day 4 Sometimes You Have To Roll The Hard SIX

Day 4 of the blog everyday in May challenge is here and I am pumped to tackle the prompt!

"Favorite quote and why you love it."

At first I was daunted by the task because I have TOO many quotes that I love to pick just one, but after careful thought I came up with the winner. Something you most assuredly don't know about me is that I love sci-fi and am an avid Battlestar Galactica fan. Out of all the quotes that have inspired me in my life nothing has quite impacted me like Admiral William Adama's infamous quote, "Sometimes you have to roll the hard six." Just eight little words have pushed and encouraged me to take countless risks, or if the situation demanded it, to face my fears. 
There is plenty of wisdom in Adama's character and if you haven't given Battlestar a chance I BEG you to reconsider and get ready to fall in love with not only Admiral Adama, but an entire world. I love Adama's quote so much because it reminds me to take the risk even if everything tells me contrary. Sometimes the right thing to do is the risky thing, and we shouldn't let fear put us into a box. Fear breeds complacency and when we are complacent our lives are not exciting or fulfilling.  So the next time you are uncomfortable, unsure of yourself, or all looks bleak, remember this one simple rule courtesy of the "Old Man", "Sometimes you have to roll the hard six."
William Adama or the Old Man is honestly one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.
Do you have a mantra that you tell yourself when you need encouragement? Leave a comment and share what your favorite quote is and how has it changed your point-of-view? 


  1. hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Just like you I have many quotes that I chant to encourage myself but one it never escapes my mind is "never say never..."

    1. Thanks for swinging by and commenting :) Never say never is a great quote to keep yourself going and to remind yourself that you never know where you'll end up.