Thursday, August 30, 2012

Typhoon Week!

Seoul has been under heavy rain this week with the typhoons, Bolaven and Tembin, moving through the peninsula, and I thought it would be appropriate to do a typhoon week fashion post.

I work as an English teacher in a nearby Hagwon (private school), and I like to keep my dress casual and functional during the work week. I work primarily with younger kids, so I have to be ready to rock and roll, picking up 5-year-olds, wiping noses, and tending to scraped knees, but I like to do my best to keep my school outfits interesting and fun.

Here is a look at today's outfit, which consists of dark washed skinny jeans, a loose red and white striped top, denim jacket, and rain boots. Since I live in Korea, and my feet are too big for Korean sizes (I wear anywhere from a 9 to a 10 US), I had to get my rain boots online, and I got an amazing deal on these all-black matte finished Kamik rain boots. My rain boots are 100% waterproof, and I LOVE THEM! I feel invincible. I jump in puddles and even teach my kindergarten age students in them.

I am a sucker for accessories, and any chance I get to add any to my outfits, I jump at it. Today's outfit was made complete with my favorite bubble umbrella, messenger bag, thick frame glasses, and Texas necklace. I also have a love affair with nail polish, and I own an obscene amount that I love to play with to brighten my day. Today, I did a spin on the ombre trend that I have been seeing everywhere. I chose to add a bright gold glitter at the tip rather than simply a darker color; a tutorial on how to achieve the look is in the works.

I have managed to stay fairly dry, but time will test that trend with Tembin approaching tomorrow morning! I may have to step up my rain gear to a more heavy duty approach, but I am hoping that my umbrella, specs, and rain boots will do the job.

Umbrella : Totes- Adult Clear Bubble Umbrella from Amazon $21.00
Rain Boots : Kamik Jennifer Rain Boot from Amazon $59.00
Denim Jacket : Denim Jacket from American Eagle $50.00
Top : Billabong, similar top here at the Top Shop
Messenger Bag : Fossil Two-Tone Outlet bag is no longer sold by Fossil, but they have similar styles at

Texas Necklace : This necklace is one of my favorite purchases! I am a proud Texan and it helps alleviate homesickness. I originally bought the necklace from modcloth, but it is currently sold out. You can find a similar necklace here on Etsy.

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