Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things I love: Inspiration

Today I wanted to share some beautiful inspiration in the form of three lovely desktop wallpapers. I constantly have my mac open and I always appreciate a fresh, monthly background to help keep my creative side happy. Here is a little round-up for my top 3 desktop wallpapers/designers for April. I can always count on these ladies to deliver and I am a regular user and fan of their work!

Oana Befort is a talented designer, photographer, blogger, and all around crafty lady! Whenever I need a little inspiration I can hit Oana's blog and find something to get me feeling creative. Plus, she is wonderful at sharing her talent in great freebies! I am excited to share her April background with all of you and I hope you all fall in love with her work just like I have.
My current background!

August Every Month is a stunning blog run by Samantha August, a very talented designer with an eye for photography and fashion. August Every Month has a special place in my heart and I make sure to swing by regularly to see what new pretties Samantha has shared.

Going Home to Roost is a new favorite of mine and since finding it I have happily spent more than a little time (HOURS) going through all of the great content on the blog. Bonnie runs Going Home to Roost and she has a definite talent for design, crafting, and food! I recently joined her Roost Tribe, and I beyond excited to see what I will learn and who I will meet as a result.

I hope that you all enjoy this sample of my favorite internet inspiration, and most of all I hope that you take the time to swing by each of these talented ladies' blogs and fall in love just like I have.


  1. i LOVE oana beafort! her designs are so unique and artsy :) thanks for sharing these! it's always so much more convenient to have a calendar as your background.


    1. Kristyn,

      I know, isn't she great?! A calender usually helps me stay semi-organized...I am notoriously forgetting what the date is and a calender background helps me stay on track! Do you have other favorites that aren't here?

  2. I wish I can do the same but my laptop is borrowed so I can't really customized it too much. Though, there's something new that I learned from this post. You make want to check out some fancy desktop wallpapers XD.

    Lotsa Love,
    Closet Fashion Addict

    1. Fatin,

      That's a bummer about having to share a laptop, but it gives you something to shoot for! I remember not having a laptop (years and years) and when I finally got my macbook I went nuts with making it my own.