Thursday, April 4, 2013

Goals are GREAT

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Today I wanted to talk about goals. Goals are great and everyone makes a goal at some point in their life, but often we give up on our goals when they seem unachievable or we experience adversity. At first instinct we tend to shy away from difficulty in favor of the quick fix or instant gratification, and this is a gut reaction we must learn to overcome if we ever hope to get the very best from ourselves.

For years my life was bleak and I was utterly unhappy in my circumstances. I hated my body, suffered panic attacks when attention was given to me, and was failing nearly every one of my classes. I didn't think I had a future that extended past the city limits of the small town I was born in and expected nothing more than a job at the gas station.

But one day I got fed up. I woke up and rejected the life that I was accepting, and decided to create a life that I was proud of and fulfilled by. My decision wasn't easy and there were moments that I felt myself slipping back into my comfort zone, but I pressed on and kept my resolve.

The result is a life that I am excited by and in constant awe of, and it is evidence that hard-work and staying the course we set for ourselves is worth it. When I was younger I hated things that were hard or uncomfortable, but now I recognize a simple truth.

If it's hard then it's probably worth the trouble. 

Every trouble in my life has only made me stronger, and I have only discovered how much further I am able to go than I originally thought.

I thank God that I wake up everyday ready to embrace a new day with an open heart, and I am constantly asking him to show me more of the woman I can become.

Is there a goal that you have set for yourself that seems daunting? Have you accomplished something that you never thought possible, and did you ever want to give up along the way? How have/did you stay motivated?


  1. Crystal, you are an awesome lady and never let anyone tell you otherwise! Look at how much you've accomplished and be proud :)

    I've always been a driven girl. Never satisfied and always pushing myself further. But always happy, too. I lead a blessed life and I could never say otherwise.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I appreciate your words and will definitely take them to heart.

      That is great that you have always had the drive and I hope that you never lose your fire!

  2. i just made a list of goals the other night! i love making goals so that i can challenge myself and keep learning and growing. i am so glad you got out of that rut and are running toward the one who defines you and has plans for your life that are bigger and better than anything you could ever imagine!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

      Goals are definitely critical to keep growing as a person and it's a wonderful habit to form. I have been in the habit of making monthly goals to keep myself going. I hope you knock your own goals out the park, you lovely lady!

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    1. Thank you for the comment and for stopping by!