Sunday, April 14, 2013

DIY: Wire Wine Charms

Whenever I get a care package from back home I am always beyond excited about what amazing little goodies might be inside. I have wonderful friends who take the time to put heartfelt and sweet surprises in every box that never fail to make me smile. The big surprise in my last care package was a set of homemade wine charms that my friend KT made with her own two little hands! You might remember KT from her guest outfit post, which you can find, here.

KT and I met in college and after one anthropology class we fell into an easy friendship that I am pretty sure will last until we are a pair of old crotchety, but fabulous women. When KT and I first met she didn't have a crafty bone in her body, but she has certainly turned that around within the last few months, and I have been reaping the benefits! Crafty friends are the best!!

KT's gift is perfect for me because I love throwing parties and sometimes it can be difficult to keep every guest's drink straight so these wine charms are the perfect solution! Just slip one of these little babies on your chosen wine glass and you are sure to remember which drink is yours. :)

What you need:
Needle-nose Pliers
24 guage wire
Beads or Charms of your choosing

Step 1: Cut wire into an approx. 2 inch piece

Step 2: Use the pliers to create a hook on one end and shape wire into a circle

Step 3: Add beads to wire and create a hook at the end of wire 

Step 4: Fasten hooks together for a pretty charm!

I am so in love with these charms and I can't wait to throw another dinner party so that I can show them off to my friends in Seoul. Every time I see them I think of KT and all the great times we had over a box of wine (yes, I said BOX) so using them is the perfect way to keep one of my best friends in my everyday life even when shes halfway around the world.

This KT. Isn't she ADORABLE?! I know I would totally read what this lady had to say about fashion even if I didn't know her.
PS: I am trying to get KT to finally get her blog started because she is such an amazing writer, fashionista, and now all around crafty lady. Any comments that can be added to my regular whining about her unpublished blog would be appreciated because she even has a few posts done and ready to go! How many of you bloggers were apprehensive about starting your blog and what made you decide to take the plunge and get started? What thoughts and inspiration would you share with someone about to begin their own blog?

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