Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Clothing Collective Series: Work Out Fashion

Hello everyone! I am beyond excited for today's blog post so let's get started! I'm a fitness freak so I couldn't wait to write-up today's post/I'M IN BORACAY!!! Today's theme for The Clothing Collective series is:

Work Out Fashion

Please know that the "fashion" part of this title is completely subjective and is very loosely interpreted because I have been known to get my sweat on in nothing more than a ratty gym shirt and whatever breathable shorts are handy. However, just because I am apt to throw on whatever is handy when I am running to the gym doesn't mean that I haven't decided to make a conscious effort to look my best when I decide to work up a sweat. 

Lately I have been dressing in a more fashionable way when I get my workout in because I work out, A LOT, like a lot, a lot, and I decided that if I was going to spend so much time doing it I should look good! Looking your best never fails to give a little confidence boost, which is sometimes all someone needs to make a positive choice for the day, so why shouldn't this mentality holdover to a work-out outfit?
I went with a pair of black leggings so that I was able to be comfortable and covered at the same time because there is nothing worse than going through a yoga flow and having to worry about your shorts riding up your booty. For my top I went with a layered look of my sports bra, a simple white tank, and a fun ikat patterned pink tank top from American Eagle. I opted for au-natural, put my beach hair up in a pony and headband, and went makeup-less because who wants sweaty mascara ruining a perfectly good yoga session? 

No one ever, that's who. 

Since arriving in Boracay, I have made it a point to not forget about my fitness goals just because I'm on vacation. I made sure to check out what kind of activities I could participate in and that's when I came across True Yoga. I have been practicing yoga on-and-off since I was 17 when I thought it would be a cool way to spend an hour or so of my time during my last summer at home. As crazy as it sounds to be that was a whopping 10 years ago!! WHOA! So while I'm not the most experienced practitioner I can confidently say that the yoga classes at True Yoga are AMAZING. Not only am I challenged and stretched beyond what I thought myself capable of before the class, but I feel like I have learned so much from just a few classes with True Yoga. True Yoga's teachers honestly care about teaching and you can feel the care that they put into each session, plus what is NOT to love about yoga ON THE BEACH?!

Here are a few less than candid shots of me showing how functional, but adorable my chosen outfit was for a yoga session. I didn't want to be "that" girl taking the selfies while trying to hit a pose so Rich snapped these right after class.

I know that this post is lite on the fashion, but can you blame me? Check this awesome place out! 
About 20 or so feet from here is the ocean! I was able to see the beautiful waves of Boracay while I practiced my yoga for the day, how wonderful is that?
If you find yourself in Boracay and want to check out True Yoga then never fear because they hold super-affordable classes everyday at 9 am. Classes are True Yoga are 400 pesos and they run a little over an hour. Expect to be challenged and come ready for a wonderful opportunity which will serve to further your yoga knowledge.

True Yoga is located on the second floor of the Indian restaurant True Food, which can be found on the beach in D'MALL. If you go to D'Mall just walk along the main road until you see the Sharkey's sign and then take the road towards the beach. You will walk along for about 5 or so minutes passing through a wet market, a Pancake House and Globe mobile store. Keep going until you see a shop called Lonely Planet, turn left and walk along the beach to True Yoga/True Yoga, which is just a few minutes down the beach.

Look for this sign.

True Yoga's FB page, here.

Blogging is crazy hard when you are surrounded by an amazing tropical paradise, but I wanted to make sure that I stuck to the schedule that Katie and I had set out! Check out Katie's super fantastic work-out outfit, here

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Let us know how you are liking The Clothing Collective series and what outfits you would like to see us do in the future. Next on the schedule is beach fun and you just know I'm going to have some great stuff from my time in Boracay! :)


  1. I used to do Yoga while I was in school. I'm trying to get back into it again, and get that flexible again! Love the surge of energy that follows and stays throughout the day post Yoga session ^_^

    1. Yoga is so amazing when you are in school because it makes you set aside time to just relax and stop thinking about all the papers you have to write. :) I usually take a course when I'm going to school full-time to unwind and you are so write about the surge of energy you get. What kind of yoga do you like best?