Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Clothing Collective Series: Beach Fun!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to write about today's Clothing Collective post because it is the last in the original series of posts that Katie and I came up with, AND I get to share some great shots of my time in Boracay because today's theme is:

Beach Fun!

It's that time of year, ladies! Get out your favorite swimsuit, sunnies, and cut-offs because the sun is shining and the water is fine! I am definitely a summer girl and I had a blast in Boracay because there was no shortage of sun or beautiful beaches to soak it up on.

I'm not much of a bikini girl and so when I pick out my swimwear I always tend to lean towards a more vintage cut with a halter top or high-waisted bottoms. I can't enough of the classic silhouette and fit of vintage-inspired swimwear and I feel like it's a universally flattering cut for most women. Here are some shots of my swimsuit selections for my summer holiday:

I'm a big fan of hats, can you tell?
Last summer when I was shopping for swimsuits I fell in love with these two hot potatoes on Modcloth and I never looked back! I love how both of these suits make me feel confident and stylish with me having to worry if I'm going to pop out of them (bikinis make me so nervous on account of a possible wardrobe malfunction whilst gallivanting).
I love how the red gingham one-piece gives me a structured top and bottom without making me look dowdy and grandma-ish on the beach. I've been working my thighs out a lot lately, but I'll confess that they have been a trouble area for me and so being able to cover them a bit makes me feel more in charge. It's really important to remember that confidence is 90% of the game when dressing yourself and looking good, because when you feel good you look good!

I can't get enough of this high-waist bikini because of the practical coverage and pretty shape that it gives to me. The suits top and bottoms help accentuate features of my body that I like and I am a sucker for polka dots so it's a win-win situation for me on the beach. ;)

I had a so much fun in Boracay and I am already planning my next beach vacation. I am planning on coming back to this part of the world in December when it's peak season and so I'll be sure to add to my suit collection for my next holiday getaway. A valuable lesson I have learned when purchasing swimsuits is not skimp because you really get what you pay for when it comes to swimwear! Until then I am more than happy with my swimsuits, which you can find at Modcloth. A cheap suit is often flimsy, poorly lined, and offers little support so when shopping around make sure to make a quality purchase. I love Modcloth because I have never been disappointed in the quality or customer service provided and it's into turned the first place I check for suits.
Check out Katie's beach style at The Style Dunce, and let her know what you think of her outfit!

Do you have a go-to swimsuit that just makes you feel confident and chic while enjoying the water? I hope that all of you are having a wonderful summer and hopefully you have your own beach getaway planned! As always let us know know what you think of The Clothing Collective and please, share any ideas for upcoming posts with us because we will have a brand-new set of posts ready to go soon! Have a great day and enjoy that sun, pretty ladies!

Bathing Beauty One piece in Cherry pie, here. Modcloth, $89.99.
Beach Blanket Bingo Two piece in Soft black, here. Modcloth, $89.99.


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  2. I am SO JEALOUS that you're in Boracay! It's so beautiful there and you look right at home on the beach! Gorgeous photos of you - love the hat and the polka dots xx

  3. Boracay looks beautiful!

    I especially love the polka-dot swimsuit. I've never seen any in the places that I've tried and pretty much stuck to what I already have. So thanks for the link to the site. I checkout out a few and love the polka dot bottoms with the bow on them. ADORABLE!