Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let Me Do The Shopping!

Hi there pretty people! My friend Emily over @ The Object Enthusiast shared a few sweet words about her personal shopping experience with moi at the helm. I had so much shopping for Emily and I am happy that she loved her items. Read her post here and if you didn't know Emily is a talented ceramics artist who you need in your life. I did a post on a ceramic jewelry box that I purchased from her and am in absolute love with! If you are looking for those pieces that you will be able to love and pass down generation-to-generation then Emily is your girl.

 Here is a little sampling of Emily's work:

If you want an international vintage shopping trip, but can't afford the plane ticket then just let me take care of it. All you need to do is send me those measurements and consider me your girl. ;)

Visit my vintage shop for the details, Seoul Sold.

Swing by Emily's shop, here.


  1. those ceramics are gorgeous! drooling over them now! is she based in seoul as well?

    1. Emily isn't based in Seoul, but you can still get her awesome stuff through Etsy. Emily and I met in college while working at a hippy organic co-op together and she's still rocking it out in Kansas. I highly recommend getting a few of her pieces for your collection.