Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anniversary Outfit: The Clothing Collective Series

Today is the very first outfit post in The Clothing Collective series that my bestie, Katie, and I have created! I am super excited to share what I came up with for my 2 year anniversary with my great husband, Rich. On our anniversary it was pretty gloomy and rainy, which changed our original game plan of a picnic and night market date. Instead we did what any reasonable couple does with bad weather in Seoul, we went to the nearest CGV (movie theater) to have a 4-D experience.

Let me just say that if you have the chance to see ANYthing in 4-D do it, and do it right! We picked the most action packed movie that our chosen mall, I'Park offered: The Fast and The Furious 6.

Oh, yea we did! It was pretty stinking cool and felt like a Disney ride the whole time, especially with all the car chase scenes where I had to constantly remind myself to not throw my hands up in the air. So when I hit my closet to decide on an outfit I wanted something that looked special, but wasn't TOO dressy. Seoul is known for it's high fashion, but I might get a few stares in the movie ticket line if I showed up in my absolute best.

So to the closet I went looking for a casual but special look for a night out with Rich! 

A trend that I have been noticing for the summer is the use of black and white for a clean, but chic look and so that was the main inspiration for my outfit. I went for a casual striped black and white top and paired it with one of my closet staples, an A-line black skirt. I knew that I didn't JUST want black and white though because I am a huge fan of color and so I decided to work in touches of color in my accessory choices. 

I chose to go with a pink belt, floral necklace, and a fun purse to add a bit of color and some whimsy to my outfit. I feel like putting these light-hearted details into the outfit kept it from coming across as too serious and dressy.

For my hair I went with a simple, but sweet look by giving my hair some volume and a light curl with my trusty 1-inch curling iron. I Then took the front part of my hair and did a small dutch braid down the front to add some interest to my simple do. I was really happy with the overall look of it and I loved how quick I put it together!

I am in love with my kitty bag and have had it FOR YEARS. I usually just use it when I am running around in jeans and so I was excited to use it for a dressier occasion. Isn't it fun? I think it adds just the right amount of playfulness to the ensemble and it pairs really well with my simple pink belt.

I cannot say enough about how much I love heels, but I have been shying away from wearing them since I moved to Korea. I am already a fairly tall girl at 5'9, and in heels I am a giant among most of the population in Korea. When I wear heels I get gawked at for my height and so I have worn them with less frequency than when I lived in the states. I love the edginess of these heels and the detail that they bring the outfit. I also feel like a good high heel was necessary with this type of longer A-line skirt because with too low of a heel the volume of the skirt can overwhelm your shape.

My anniversary was a really fun occasion and I can't wait for the "real" anniversary present to happen later this month, A TRIP TO BORACAY! Our low-key 4-D experience was great for celebrating the actual day and I liked how my outfit was comfy and special enough that I was able to focus on just having a great time with Rich. We are pretty silly when it's just the two of us and I love being his wife, can you just tell what goofballs we are?

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I hope you enjoyed my very first post in The Clothing Collective series! Let us know what kind of outfits you would like to see next and share your thought via comment! To make sure that you stay up-to-date with The Clothing Collective here is our posting schedule for the rest of the month!

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Also, here is all the info one what I wore for this post! 

Skirt: Modcloth, here. $69.99 USD
Top:H&M, here. $12.95 USD for two!!
Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here.
Bag: Loungefly, similar here. $39.99 USD
Jewelry: Ukrainian folk jewelery(THANKS, KARYNA). Similar here
Visit Katie's blog, The Style Dunce, here.


  1. Happy anniversary! Love the outfit. Cute shoes!

  2. Happy anniversary, hope you had a great one. I love your outfit too, especially the skirt.

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