Saturday, June 1, 2013

Healthy Banana Pancakes

Today I wanted to share an amazing recipe that I am in love with! Banana Pancakes, but not just ANY banana pancakes because these particular banana pancakes are made with just two ingredients, and we aren't using a premix!

So get ready and let's make these incredibly healthy and delicious pancakes!

1 ripe Banana
2 eggs

Peel, chop banana into quarters, and put into mixing bowl. Add eggs to banana and beat until well mixed. I made sure to use my hand blender to make sure that I got it nice and frothy before I added it to my griddle, but you can use a whisk to get the same results. Just make sure that it is blended well and that there aren't too many chunks because you want the bananas to be thoroughly incorporated with the eggs.
Heat your chosen griddle or pan to desired temperature and spray with your favorite cooking spray or use some extra virgin olive oil. I used olive oil and only had to use about a tsp to make sure that my pancakes didn't stick. Cook as you would a normal pancake, but make sure to flip gingerly so you don't break it apart before it's done.
When the pancakes are finished cooking serve and enjoy! I went a step further and added fresh berries and honey for a delicious and filling breakfast! Doesn't this look like a yummy way to start the day?

I can't take credit for this recipe and I found it on one of my all-time favorite fitness blogs, Blogilates. You can find the original recipe post, here, and Cassey even made a great little youtube video to go along with it! Watch her video, here.

Cassey chose to make her pancakes much smaller than mine, but I found that the recipe was able to make 3 normal sized pancakes.

Protein: 13.6
Fiber: 2.8

Weight Watchers points+: 7 pts.

Makes one serving.

ALSO, if you are looking for a great way to get fit and healthy Cassey at Blogilates (pretty much the most amazing fitness blog EVER) is starting off her June on Fire workout today! Cassey produces amazing results, never fails to inspire, and makes working out fun! I always feel like I'm hitting the mat with a best friend when I workout with Cassey using her youtube videos.

Visit Blogilates, here.

Cassey's youtube channel can be found, here.

Let me know how you like the pancakes and if you join up for the June on Fire workout month! I'll be working it out on Blogilates and would love some company!


  1. I will be making these next week once my kitchen is finished!

  2. I am making these today! Case closed! They look so delicious and I love that they're only two ingredients! So excited :D Thanks for the recipe!

    The Nectar Collective

    1. Yay! Let me know how the come out and I know you are going to looooooove them. The ONE banana makes them sweet and they taste really carb heavy without adding any mix.

  3. This looks healthy and delicious. It's perfect to start the day. I'm going to try this.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you are going to make these little babies! Let me know how they turn out! :)