Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Stylish Surprise!

If you love adorable clothing and unbeatable prices then you need to head over to ModCloth posthaste. Right now the amazing clothing site that I webstalk religiously has started up the Stylish Surprise promotion!

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How it works:

You pay 15 USD + shipping, pick your size, and ModCloth sends you a wonderful little surprise which could range anywhere from $30.00 to a whopping $250.00! I am being overly optimistic, rolling a hard six and hoping for an extravagant $250.00 surprise.

I just put in my very own order for the Stylish Surprise and I am beyond excited for what could be in the mystery box!

After I placed my order I bored my husband to tears by talking about all the amazing things that could be in the box.

This is pretty much how I was while he was trying to watch a movie...

“A boat’s a boat, but the mystery box could be ANYTHING. It could even be a boat!”


If you haven't already then get on over to ModCloth and sign up for your very own 15 dollar surprise(plus shipping), because it could be ANYthing! Even a boat.

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