Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY: Sewing Kit

There are a few things that every DIY, vintage-savvy girl needs in her possession, and a sewing kit is one. I cannot live without my sewing kit, and having a personalized option is a must have item since opening my very own Etsy vintage clothing shop. My sewing kit is a life-saver and is useful for mending all sorts of vintage boo-boos, especially since I insist on doing all my repairs by hand.

After realizing how great my own sewing kit was in my own wardrobe repairs I decided to make a little post on how I went about creating my kit.

First things first: A container!

I had to decide what kind of container I wanted to use for my sewing kit, and also if I wanted to have a portable one. After a little consideration I decided on a Snapware, 3-tiered carrier with snap closures and a handle. Each segment is removable and you can actually continue to add on to the carrier so long as you buy matching segments. You can find the container I chose here. I love the versatility of this product and the price! For less than 10 bucks you have a great adjustable handled carrier, who can complain?! In general, I have found that Snapware is fairly awesome for decent looking and high-quality products.

For my portable kit, I decided on going with an inexpensive Sterilite small flip top container, which is amazing for quick trips to the vintage market. You can get the micro flip top container for a couple of bucks in any supply store or craft store, and if you are really mad about it, you can get 12, here. I have found that it is a great tool for assessing possible repairs to potential purchases, and takes up little space in my bag.

Next, I had to pick out my supplies!! I had to limit myself, and that was H-A-R-D! 

Here is a shot of the items I have amassed (I made an effort to photograph these in their pretty packaging just for you:)) in my large Snapware container:

1.     THREAD…T-H-R-E-A-D!
2.     Hand Needles
3.     Scissors
4.     Pin Cushion
5.     Thimble
6.     Tape Measure
7.     Straight Pins
8.     Threader
9.     Seam Ripper
10.  Sew No More! Oh my lucky stars….how I love this product. I like to use the Sew No More for hemming projects because it allows me to see if the length is appropriate without fussing with straight pins. (I have a penchant for losing them and then I have major frustration) When I decide if it’s a good length, I then take the time to sew the hem by hand.

For the portable kit I made sure to streamline it to fit into the smaller container:

1.     Basic thread
2.     A few needles
3.     Small scissors
4.     Tape Measure (I never go anywhere without this thing and I have 4 of them floating around my possessions)
5.     Thimble
6.     Sew No More
7.     Straight Pins 
I absolutely love my sewing kits, and they are valuable additions to my vintage obsession! If you are interested in vintage I encourage you to muster up you best DIY game face and make sure to get your own sewing kit in order. Nothing is more satisfying than mending and giving new life to an abused piece of clothing.

Well, nothing except for getting a new Taekwondo belt…or baking a whole mess of cookies…or maybe taking the GRE…but, it is definitely up there in the top 5!!

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