Saturday, October 13, 2012

Modern Vintage: Lace and Peplum

When I decided to open my vintage shop, Seoul Sold, I decided to take my love of vintage beyond my closet and to the next level. I love vintage fashion: the structure, colors, material, the sheer drama, and attention to detail that vintage clothes bring with them makes wearing them a joy. Though there is no replacement for the thrill of finding a beautiful and pristine vintage item, sometimes you find yourself restrained by geography and in a virtual vintage wasteland.

Never fear! 

With some time and internet-savvy you can find modern pieces with vintage detail and flair to meet your vintage needs. Even better is that vintage-inspired modern clothing is often more affordable than an original item and offers greater flexibility with sizing. Vintage items tend to run on the small side and it can be frustrating for a voluptuous vintage vixen to find a flattering item.

Here are two lovely vintage inspired outfits that are currently residing in my closet, and they both cost me less than 50 USD. Granted, I did take an awful lot of time watching sales, and frequenting my favorite online sites to keep an inventory of what looks were available.

Look #1

PEPLUM PERFECTION! or From the Editor Dress- Modcloth

I was able to score this awesome peplum dress, which came with a lovely little accent belt for $24.99! Isn't that great?! Modcloth does periodic sales of up to 75% off on their clearance items and I snatched up this dress which had been closer to $100 by making sure to be online when the sale first went live. Oh internet, how I love thee.

When going for that classic glamor-factor a peplum detailed dress is a must have item for your closet. Peplum detailing is a beautiful and enduring fashion concept which first made itself known way back when in the 19th century on pretty as a picture Victorian ladies, and it is a trend which is still going strong well in to the 21st century. If you have never worn peplum DO NOT BE AFRAID! Peplum is lovely, and when fitted correctly it is a very flattering look on women of all shapes and sizes. Try a few looks and materials and be patient. You will never look back after finding the perfect peplum piece.

I fell in love with this dress because of the color and structure, and I was not disappointed on either front when I slipped this number on. Because I was looking for something that would hug my curves and help create the illusion of an hourglass figure I was immediately drawn to the peplum detail of the dress and the fabric content of cotton, nylon, and Elastrane or spandex. I knew that the combo of the three fabrics (especially the elastrane) would be form hugging and would help the peplum pop. Make sure to pay attention to subtle details such as fabric blends when considering a modern mass produced item, because it can be a clue as to how the item will fit your body versus the model.

Bold and streamlined looks like this are wonderful because they do not require much in the accessories department. Pair with a simple clutch, belt and head out the door!

Look #2

LACE LOVE!- Urban Outfitters

I love lace. I do. Lace is so much fun, and I would be lost without this dainty, delicate, dreamy fabric that just screams sunshine, cupcakes and puppy dogs to me. No matter what shape or size of your body, I know in my heart that a dress of lace will accentuate and make you a walking Venus.

Yup. Venus.

My lace find was also done by trolling the web for periodic sales and making sure to have my laptop and credit card handy when UO did a semi-annual sale. I got my lace dream for around $20, because some people don't share my love of lace and this beauty was on the clearance of the clearance. Mad women, all of them, but their loss is my gain! One thing to consider when doing online shopping to make sure you are able to envision what the item will look like on yourself. Remember, items that look blah on the hanger can be gems when tried on. The same rule applies to online shopping, and if you find an item with detailing and features you admire then why not give it a try? I absolutely fell in love with the back and lace pattern of this dress, and I am so happy that I kept an eye on it.

Yes, it is not real lace. This little frock is a polyester, rayon, and nylon blend. I know some people swear by organic fibers and the like, but I like my manufactured blends because of all the benefits and easy wear they bring to the table. Right away, I knew that the dress would be light-weight and breathable because of the addition of rayon, and that it would be fairly wrinkle-free due to the polyester. Bingo-bango. I love this dress because it has not lost its beautiful and chic look, doesn't make me sweat, and no matter how much I sit it never wrinkles! The synthetic nature of the dress also gives a measure of affordability and durability. Real lace, REAL, honest-to-goodness lace would be more expensive and delicate to wear. I would never dream of wearing a true lace number on the casual occasions where I may or may not have eaten a foot long chili cheese coney by myself. Just saying.

 Really neutral numbers like this faux lace dress allow for a bit of drama to be added with a bold scarf or other statement piece. I love the white and black look for the upcoming holidays, and opted to add a long sheer scarf.
Remember, find something with details that you really love and go from there. Whatever attracts you to the item can be made into a centerpiece and serve to accentuate your natural beauty and make you feel beautiful.

 As always be yourself, and make sure that the outfit does not wear you. You are what makes the dress lovely, and without you it is just another piece of cloth.

From the Editor Dress, here.
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  1. i love this crystal! someday i have a feeling that your vintage shop and your personalized shopping experiences are going to be HUGE. like modcloth huge :)
    You give great advice for those of us wanting to achieve these looks. I love reading and catching up with your life!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words Emily!!!
    I am so happy with all of the fun and attention that the shop and the blog has been getting lately and I would be happy with 1/4 of the notoriety that you are predicting. ;)

  3. Lovely dress! And thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I really do want to hear about your yogurt experience! Btw, I'm not sure if disqus emailed you but I did reply to your comment (I've had issues with it not emailing people - not sure why).

  4. Thank you for stopping by! And disqus actually hadn't let me know you replied so thanks for telling me! I hope that my yogurt comes out edible! :)

  5. Lovely post :) You look fab in the blue dress, your hair looks great too. I love lace and wish I had more vintage inspired pieces in my wardrobe.