Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things I love : SISTAR

I love K-pop....yes, I said it. 

Most of the world is all about PSY's Gangnam Style, and while I think the video is hilarious, there is only so much I can see it, heart it, and watch my student's latest version of the dance and song.

HOWEVER, there is a lot more out there as far as K-Pop is concerned, and even then K-Pop is just scratching the surface of all the amazing Korean music there is here in Seoul! More to come on some amazing Korean funk bands that I had the pleasure of seeing at a nearby underground club. 

Right now, my K-Pop poison of choice is Sistar's "Loving You". I don't know if its the setting in Hawaii, the adorable outfits, or the really catchy hook and chorus that even I have mastered to sing in Hangul, but "Loving You" is what you can find filling my ears at the moment while working on blog, shop, and grad school applications. 

"Loving You" never fails to put me in a happy mood and it is always the perfect song to stave off the Monday blues! I wanted to share this little sunny gem with everyone and I hope it makes everyone's Monday a little happier.

Sistar is an all girl Korean Pop quartet made up of Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom.  "Loving You" is the group's take off single for 2012, and the group has been around and releasing catchy pop tunes since about 2010.  My favorite is Hyorin! She is rocking the Hello Kitty glasses in this photo and the video.

  I feel so assimilated now, finally a blog post dedicated to K-Pop.

Next up, DIY Sewing Kit! Also, look for some lovely little updates in the shop!

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