Monday, September 3, 2012

The Object Enthusiast

My friend Emily Reinhardt is the talented owner of the Etsy shop The Object Enthusiast, and her ceramic work is simply amazing! I love how Emily is able to put her whole heart into her work, an ability that is able to transform an everyday object such as a jewelry box into a treasured keepsake.

Emily's work reminds me of Kansas, where she and I met while we attended Kansas State University and worked at a local organic co-op (totally hippy and awesome). Emily was always a spot of sunshine at the co-op with a kind word and a warm smile for everyone, and I loved working with her. I have random bouts of homesickness....yes, Kansas is definitely home to me now, and when I saw this beautiful jewelry box in Emily's shop I was instantly reminded of home.

I had to have it!

I was in love from the moment that I lifted this little treasure out of its box and I knew the perfect thing to keep in it. My wedding and engagement rings. When I look at this jewelry box I am instantly reminded of the sense of love, community, and acceptance I experienced while a student at Kansas State. Emily's love and careful attention to detail are present in the craftsmanship and quality of this darling little addition to my bedroom.

 For more of Emily's work visit her blog, here.
Also, I wholeheartedly encourage you to stop by her Etsy shop, The Object Enthusiast, for more beautiful ceramic work.


  1. wow, i'm so out of touch - i'm just now seeing this! thank you crystal! i'm so happy to know you! :)

  2. No problem, Emily!
    You know that we love you and everything you do! :)

  3. i am in love with your pearl ring! that's gorgeous!

    1. thank you so much!! My husband picked it all out on his own and I love it so much.