Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sneak Peek!

After being computerless for much longer than I liked, I am finally back! I didn't end of getting a new computer, but instead got my old one repaired which was a relief! I had thought a new computer was a must since every service center I visited refused to work on macs....or to speak English. My Hangul is improving everyday, but a discussion about hard drives and ports is still waaaaaaay out of grasp for me. To help me out in my language fix a Korean friend of mine helped and went with me to the nearest mac specific service center we could find in the city, and they handled the linguistic side of the visit!


Now I have my computer back with a brand-new hard drive and I am ready to start reinstalling all my software, AND have started getting together a major shop update! Here are a few of the newest items that will soon be making it into the shop! I hope you all like them, are as excited for the spring season, and all the great fashion and colors that come with it like I am!


  1. Hello!!!

    I'm a huge fan of K-pop fashion but just like you I LOVE VINTAGE TOO!!! I love most of the vintage items you posted~ Kekeke :)

    BTW, I'm following your blog because I'm loving a lot of your posts and your clothes :D

    Lotsa Love,

    1. Thank you for the comment and the follow! I am swinging by your blog now! :)