Friday, March 29, 2013

Funday Friday!

Today I am going to share a little slice from my everyday life in Seoul! I am working towards a routine of keeping the blog updated, and I definitely want to make sure to share the small things that make living in Seoul so special to me.

To start I had the Taekwondo 3rd Gup belt test today for my first stripe on my red belt, and I did really well! I started to study Taekwondo when I moved to South Korea almost a year ago and I can honestly say that the experience has been amazing. I cannot tell you much I have enjoyed learning Taekwondo in the traditional Korean style, and the amount of self-discipline and reflection that it has given me is invaluable.

BUT! That isn't to say that class is all seriousness and no fun. After the testing requirements for the day were fulfilled we all had a bit of fun with a spare breaking board and I wanted to share it with all of you! Yes, that is me! How do you like my Kihap?


After all my sparring and testing was done for the day I headed over to the Hagwon, I taught English at to take some Easter treats to my old class. I love dropping in to surprise them all and when I do there is never a shortage of smiles, hugs, and laughs. Here are a couple of shots from my absolutely favorite class that I think of as "my kids".

The privilege of being a teacher to so many children while I have lived in South Korea has literally changed my life and my heart has become so much fuller for having met them. I love every single one of my former students and I miss seeing their smiling faces everyday!

Expect a grand 'ol shop update/rehaul VERRRRRY soon! I have been working hard at getting spring vintage in stock and decided to rephotograph just about everything now that I feel that I have a system that I enjoy.

I hope y'all liked this little bit of my Friday in Seoul.

Have a wonderful day!

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