Tuesday, November 6, 2012


You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet from me on the blog front, and the reason is that I have been busy making arrangements and packing for my upcoming 3 week trip home.

I am beyond stoked!

My husband and I are like little kids running around as the days tick down and we realize that we will be in Florida within the week. We honestly love living in South Korea, but home is home, and we are thrilled to get a chance to see family and friends stateside.

 We are pretty much like this right now when we realize that we are going home.

Of course I will miss my kimbap and the hustle and bustle of Seoul...BUT, there is something to be said about the wide open skies of Florida and Texas.

In addition to the packing and general excitement of the vacation I have also been finishing my graduate school applications and I have felt pretty tapped out concerning writing after all of the essays I have written.

Not to fear though because I have been hoarding a collection of posts, ootd's, recipes and guest blog posts to share; all of them lovingly photographed and just ready to be posted. Expect to see fresh and lovely content while I am in America. The shop will go into vacation mode for the duration of our stay in America, but I have some wonderful new vintage just begging to be shared so there will be great things to look forward to when we get back to Seoul.

I cannot wait to post everything when while I am lazing away the days in America!!


  1. A good trip home is always a good thing! I'm not as far away from home as you are but whenever I get the chance to go it's always so much fun. Have an awesome trip!

    1. Thank you for the well wishes! We are one flight away from Florida and we are already enjoying ourselves! So much English! We are going to go into English overload pretty soon, haha. Your blog is great and I am now definitely following you!