Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Megan's Mason Jar Tumbler

I have pretty amazing friends.

Since I moved to Seoul, care packages from friends back home have become an unexpected and cherished event. Anytime that I feel worn down or just a little sad they always seem to know, and perk me right up.

Every time I get a box full of goodies it’s like Christmas all over again!

This Christmas had some great items, and one of my favorites was a unique handmade gift from my lovely friend, Megan. Megan is quite the crafty gal and made me a needlepoint kitchen towel last Christmas, and the amount of care she put into it sent me over the moon. This Christmas was full of more handmade awesomeness in the form of a mason jar tumbler.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive this little beauty which was packed full of instant drink mixes that I have been trying out all week. I love using my mason jar tumbler so much that I have started making Crystal Light in large quantities so I can sip from my jar at all times. I think I am a bit obsessed with it right now. >.>

Here is a simple tutorial from adelynSTONE on how to make your own mason jar tumbler in just 3 easy steps and you only need to have a mason jar, a drill, a rubber grommet and a pair of wire cutters to make your own! 
Megan added her own spin to the mason jar tumbler by using a stainless steel drink straw (you can purchase the steel drink straws, here) and by making an adorable cozy from her grandmother's stash of vintage fabric and buttons. The end result is a perfectly unique handmade gift that has become a part of my daily life. 



  1. how very sweet and charming your blog is! seriously, its very darling. keep it up girl!!

    peace and love,
    makenna from

  2. Thank you for stopping by and the leaving the kind words! :)

    It has taken a while, but I am glad that I think am finally finding my groove in blogging. How long did you blog before you found your own rhythm for blogging?

    Talk to you soon!

    1. oh my goodness haha i'm still in the process of finding my groove! you know everything changes little by little. Basically anything that I find amusing (and that's a lot of things), I always carry my camera around to not pass anything up!


  3. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana V

    1. Thank you for stopping by and following! :) I just stopped by your blog and returned the favor.

  4. That's so adorable! I'm in love with mason jars (I use them all the time for drinks haha)


  5. lovely mason jar!

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    much love to you!